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Excerpt from Chapter II

Robert Pamplin, Founder of the Family in King and Queen County, Virginia

The first tabulation of land owners in the English Colonies of America was taken in 1704 and was known as "The Quit Rent Rolls of 1704". Robert Pamplin was shown on this 'Roll' as owning land in King and Queen County, VA., and Nicholas Pamplin, his brother, was shown as owning land in Ware Parish, Glouster County, VA.

Unfortunately, many court houses, along with their records, have been destroyed by fires and wars over the years. King and Queen County and Caroline County were two of these "Burned Records" counties, and information between the years 1704 and 1750 is very inadequate in those counties for genealogical purposes.

However, John Pamplin, Sr., and Robert Pamplin, Jr., sons of Robert Pamplin the Founder, are known to have moved to Lunenburg County, Virginia, in the middle 1750's, and the records of that county are in good condition and readily available.

As we have been able to trace all of the Pamplins of record in 1775 back to Robert and Nicholas Pamplin, we have concluded that they were the only ones by that name in America at that time.

The records concerning Nicholas Pamplin are relatively complete and they are in good condition and available for study. From these records it is known that Nicholas Pamplin owned plantations in several Virginia counties other than Glouchester, Essex and Middlesex Counties. It is known that he lived in Glouchester County in 1704, moved to Essex County before 1741, where he died a short time before 1750. His youngest son, James Pamplin, Sr., moved to Amherst County, Virginia, in 1783, where he remained until his death about 1800. The eleven children of James Pamplin, Sr. also remained in Amherst County, but two or three of them did move to Nelson County shortly before 1800.

To be continued . . .

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